The metaphor of the world we live in – is a factory.

With an all-important machine.

They are producing Happy Moments. A vital ingredient. And in grave danger. 


No doubt this factory team have what it takes to save the world. But not without the consequence of sheer laughter.

These podcasts are recorded with two different amateur CASTS, with voices from different nationalities and in different locations.

The intention is to create HAPPY MOMENTS together.

A viaSYLvia Production.



Adrià López Nadal as RUL

Didi de Vries as NEW

Ivo Partl as Operator

Loes Masselink as LABY.


Marianne Schoonderbeek as RUL

Ronnie Stafford as NEW

Céline Thomas as Operator

Hnue Nguyenvandung as LABY


Sound editor: Tristan Kingdon.


It is November 15th 2020.

Happy Moments reached already 500 downloads. 

And people who rated gave it 4 stars out of 5.

Mentioning the interesting story, the unique concept of making it.

Most people are from the USA, so nice to make some International friends here.

All over the globe, people from Africa, India, Australia,...have found out about this podcast and enjoyed it. 

The intention of making something original. Something International has exceeded my expectations.

I had some real fun during the difficult moments in 2020.

I felt creating Happy Moments was out of reach. So wrong!


Feel free to click it, download it, read it. 

Note this is written as an AUDIO play.

This means if you would use it for a more visual audience, you need to adapt it.

It is highly descriptive. And there is repetition built-in - so listeners should be able to follow it. Try it. 

Any interest in my writing for 'visual work' ?

I have scripts published on New Play Exchange. Or contact me directly.

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