'play before too dark'

Before we exorcise 2020...

I want to share some remarkable quotes and revelations whilst I took my writing and visual escape to my imaginative world this year.


1. NOW is a good time for secrets

I made a script for both Film and Stage that really made me laugh out loud whilst writing.

O, the secrets, the provoking scenes. That ticking bomb. And then this crazy idea of acting that all out with a camera. The thought alone!   


NOW. We have this guy. We need to arrange things. As a producer I know what to do in crisis situations.



Pity your whisky collection is already gone. Otherwise you would have poured yourself a large drink.



We have ourselves a fake filmstar and I cannot judge his acting. Let us call the police!


I started with creating a complete world around a set of defining rules and characters. I made layers, an abstract poem. I thought it was SO complicated.

Until I thought about the structure. I was so amazed of its simplicity. How did THAT happen to be THAT simple???

ACT 1 both do not look outside.

ACT 2 only Steve looks outside.

ACT 3 both look outside.

The concept and plans for 2021 shall unravel....

ICED ROMEO and Julliet.jpg


This picture of an ICED Romeo and Juliet. Such a nice example on how a lot of liberty can be taken using Shakespeare. AND WHY NOT!!


I learnt you can make something appealing, something completely out of context and new - and with respect.

If you are an ice sculpturer you can do this! 

Then why not be an ice sculpturer? Or a photographer.

Use colours. Use Dutch angles. Have some fun.


I had so much fun writing 5 one-acts by taking stories from Shakespeare completely out of its context.


Up! Up! My friend, and show your skill

Are you hiding away that shy?

Up! Up! My friend, and post until

You find your reason why


They wait for you on their digital scroll

There seems to be no choice

Post! A video or two below

And give a louder voice!


Mass media. It is an endless strife,

Leave it from your attention

How sweet the music in your life

There are songs to ease your tension


Then. The earth in a new round.

Repetition of time. Decide.


Let out a burst in visual and sound

And go the joyful ride

Go for the encore!

Of which the world needs more!


If there is an ultimate cure

Post a thing as literature

On Facebook’s Heaven of words:

there is potential in the immature

You can decide  - or really not -  it is life

Hiding away is no option to strive

I took the beautiful Romantic lakeside poetry to….

Facebook and into a bus ride from hell.

I did.

I created a ‘spot of time’ .

A most meaningful moment

that is only to be recognized much later in life.


It was the first time I have written something with poetry as a starting point.


This Pop art thing was a difficult one!

I loved my search for meaning:


'It is a sound of a tiny explosion.

Or more like bubbles?’


This thing called ‘POP ART’ has a problem.

It may not exist.​

There is no ‘what’ to it.

And if you cannot define a ‘what’

How can you make anything meaningful out of it?!

Also, it refuses to be distinguished!

The whole point is, that it is for the masses. Mediocre. Average.


A can of soup. POP philosophy


Gilles Deleuze says, “I dream of a philosophy capable of producing the same intense effect as a rock concert." 


He suggests that deep down, he was trying to break free from philosophy through philosophy.

It is not about the quality or potential value of an object. 

It is always about what we do with that object. 

The birth of the universe, the realness of reality, what is a human being, the truth of life, scientific reality or truth and political justice. Philosophy has provided the tools to address all these colossal subjects. But it has confined us to these subjects as if they were the only possible subjects.


Pop philosophy grounds itself.

However important these questions may be, however important these instruments may be, they actually make us more stupid than intelligent.

And especially in the current context, which is obviously very complex, delicate, dangerous and urgent, we need to think outside the box, to turn away from erudition, moralism, and standard academic analysis, the triad of enemies which make up what Deleuze calls “the box”. Thinking outside the box, getting out of box, including Andy Warhol’s Brillo Box.

Thinking outside the box is urgently necessary if we don’t want to die inside the box.

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