Most probably you came to this website because you have listened to the podcast HAPPY MOMENTS and hugely enjoyed that.

You find some info below and some useful links.

about viaSYLvia, that is ME :-) 

I make a variety of things all with the following intention:


I wish to let people wonder.

To see things differently.

To surprise people by Art in a pleasant way.

Building bridges between different worlds.

Using a sense of humour. 

This world amazes me most of the time. That is why I create.


I am a free self-producing maker and we might be in contact and have some fun together. Please do send me an email, be warned I write back with a flow of words. You can also contact me by Twitter, I am a Vienna fan who likes train travel so no matter where we start from...most tweets end up on either of those subjects anyway.



The metaphor of the world we live in – is a factory.

With an all-important machine.

They are producing Happy Moments. A vital ingredient. And in grave danger. 


No doubt this factory team have what it takes to save the world. But not without the consequence of sheer laughter.

These podcasts are recorded with two different amateur CASTS, with voices from different nationalities and in different locations.

The intention is to create HAPPY MOMENTS together.

A viaSYLvia Production.


Adrià López Nadal as RUL

Didi de Vries as NEW

Ivo Partl as Operator

Loes Masselink as LABY.


Marianne Schoonderbeek as RUL

Ronnie Stafford as NEW

Céline Thomas as Operator

Hnue Nguyenvandung as LABY


Sound editor: Tristan Kingdon.


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