If you have visited this site before, you would note it has been changed.
I stored things away, done some cleaning up and polished the few remaining pages.
I am ready for 2021.

I am fascinated by creative processes. How things evolve out of seemingly nowhere.

How people work together, how things organically can grow. Whether there is an immediate need of a given pre-set. How rules are applied, how conventions are used and mis-used. Why things work out, or utterly fail. What success means.


And how you can shape your own life.

What your talents are, why people thrive.


The mindset I admire, is the idea of endlessness and being on a continuous learning path – until eventually taking the last breath.


You can take from this point onwards any direction, you come from a solid basis.

You KNOW what you are capable of.



I want to make theatre in English, I am Dutch. We have a small country!

I write AND direct. I combine. And I study Fine Arts, I am into Photography. I am as busy as I chose to be – I have strong inner fascinations that drive me. You will see my sometimes deliberately chosen 'chaotic style' form the needed immersion in which I learn. I like to submerge myself into new things knowing in that way beautiful things shall arise.

You can think things out and enrich your being - only to a certain extent  - subsequently passion and skill are an act of doing and hence need intentional exposure to be able to propel yourself forward. You need to have interaction with the world. 

I believe in miracles, I have my imagination in toughest of times. Never lose your inspirational layer that made you want to create in the first place.

I try to be very nuanced in the bigger picture – yet as specific as possible on items in scenes. I keep my eyes and ears open and trust myself.


I let other people around me be creative as much as possible. Players like playing!

I am into....

Fine Art Photography




Sustain us

They connect us

in good times,

and in bad.

They define us

in the past, present,

and future.

Make your Mark,

Paint your Picture,

and hang it on the collective wall. 

The world is watching.

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