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What is this site about?

and who is Sylvia?

The above picture shows to me some tranquility. The home page is for some peace. The other tabs, are to show my projects with a burst of energy. Aimed to show how the story evolves into a project. 

The above is very condensed information.

I have pulled together a Q&A in the link to give some deeper thought to it. 

2020. I started of being not a convinced theatre maker. Not only because the given times made it extremely hard to make anything with people close to each other - I also had no clue where I would end up with....in my fascination towards creativity.

And so I started my journey.

Which is not ending anytime soon.

This site follows the stories. My invented stories. And the projects.

I started with words, scripts.

Then I added PREVIS* material to it - much sooner then I expected. As it helped me in the flow. I love creating worlds in all sorts of media.

I have no idea who reads this and who I am wishing a nice day,

YET (and I love this word, you note it often throughout this site!) :

Until we we meet up (again) and build something wonderful together! 



*PREVIS is short for previsualization.

Seeing before doing.

The great photographer Ansel Adams defined it as 'the ability to anticipate a finished image before making the exposure.'

In my terms I shall introduce an image, a place, a world. 



Sustain us

They connect us

in good times,

and in bad.

They define us

in the past, present,

and future.

Make your Mark,

Paint your Picture,

and hang it on the collective wall. 

The world is watching.


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